Cannot switch Avax Bridge to proper Metamask wallet

Hello, I am hoping to get some help.

I recently transferred my MM seed into a Trezor for security. So the way I have it set up now is that I have 3 MM accounts listed. The first is the dummy, and then I have two actual accounts that are linked to my Trezor for security. This is working fine with all my other types of transactions.

I am trying to bridge some USDC from the ETH network to the Avax network.

The problem is that when I try to use the bridge, it only connects to one of my two real MM accounts, It only see one, even though I have MM switched to the other one. I can’t get the bridge to acknowledge my other account, which is where the tokens are I actually want to bridge.

I have tried deleting all the cookies and rebooting Chrome. Can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

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Am having a very similar problem. I have multiple MetaMask accounts, but despite clearing browser cookies and cached files, cannot get the Bridge to allow switching to another MetaMask account.

Seems to me this might be a software bug that needs to be fixed.

Avalanche Bridge developers able to comment on a solution for us?

Found the solution and it seems it is a much bigger problem with either how dApps interact with MetaMask, or a fundamental problem with MetaMask itself.

To solve you need to go into the Connected sites listings for the account that you used to originally connect to the Bridge and delete the entry for the Avalanche bridge.

The next time you access the Bridge you should be asked which account you want to use.

Problem is that to go back to the other account in the future and interact with the Bridge you will need to go thru the same process again, but this time deleting the Connected site in the 2nd account.

However at least it is a work-around.