Cannot locate AVAX sent from Binance, tho appears received somewhere


I created an Avalanche wallet on Google Chrome, then used generated “X chain address to receive funds” code in Binance.

Wallet hasn’t received 1.99 AVAX funds, and get this:

Would be very pleased to receive these funds: please help - thank you!

Try this if the wallet doesn’t show the proper balance.

Thank you m04, for your response, though did what they said and still cannot locate Avax. It’s only 2 Avax, but still…

i sent eth via ethereum wallet with metamask to avalanche wallet on metamask using avalanche bridge. I have not received my funds after 3 days. contacted avalanche chat and they were no help. It was .1eth. Avalanche where are my funds? ether scan shows a successful hash to avalanche bridge and my eth wallet is missing the funds. Metamask customer service told me to contract avalanche funds are sitting in avalanche bridge

what gives?