Can any one help me i was sent usdt from c-chain on metamask to binance exchange until this moment i don't have it at all from 4 days ago can anyone help me please


USDT tokens on Avalanche and Binance ( ETH contract ) doesn’t use the same contract address and they aren’t compatible.
They are on 2 different & separated blockchains.

To unlock them, you will have to see with Binance support but according to information, they currently might not support recovery for Avalanche C chain.


Noooooo. I just did the same thing. :sob:

If Binance decides to support recovery for Avalanche C Chain in a few years, is it already too late or could I get my money back even when the transaction happened a few years ago?

I expect your funds to be released if they add support for C chain.

They support c chain for AVAX but not c chain for USDT. I’ve done the same thing recently and contacted support as well. What they told me that if they would ever support the c chain network for USDT, then my funds would be recoverable.

They also told me to submit official feedback about the USDT c chain network support on
If there are lots of users in the same situation their team could prioritise this and work on providing an option to access the network in the future… That’s the message I’ve got from them