Bridging wETH to AVAX on metamask - lost 99% of funds to fees?

Somehow i reduced capital. Using Metamask wallet, using I converted 0.1003 wETH to .096969 AVAX. Thats a dollar value of about $400 to $4. Any ideas why the fees were 99% of the value? Or where the rest went?

Those avax are airdropped to you for free. The bridge does not swap ETH to avax but bridges WETH to WETH.e on avax

I suspect you need to add the WETH.e token on your metamask to see it.

You can also check here:{insert C-Chain / ETH adress here}/tokens

I was told that I’d get an airdrop if I sent more than $75 in a transfer. I got .1 AVAX. Is this the expected airdrop amount?

Yes. It is there so you can pay for gas to swap WETH to avax.
You need avax to pay for gas.
Without it you would have to send AVAX to your wallet from somewhere else so it is a huge win for usability. Maybe not an enormous airdrop.