Bridged a Token with AEB that was taken from the list


when launched it was my first experience with bridging tokens. i bridged some QNT because i thought it would be tradeable for low fees as it appeared in the pangolin drop down. didnt know much about liquidity pools.
then the bridge collapsed for some time and went back online with a smaller selection of token. QNT wasnt on list so i am the only guy stranded on Avalanche Network with that token.
I think this is a good way to hodl.

Yet I would like to be sure that maybe some day another bridge would show up to fill the gap ( Run your own Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge, In the spirit of open-source, we are releasing the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge codebase for the wider Avalanche and Ethereum community to run themselves.

What is needed to run a relayer?.. i guess this rocket science for me.

AELB bridge sounds awesome but guess will be even more restricted in token selection.

How are my chances that I get my QNT back on ETH?
Anything i can do?

        "address": "0x4fcC1E009ef85B35d39B3Fe533d27751e4CFa8f7",
        "name": "Quant",
        "symbol": "QNT",
        "imageUri": "",
        "resourceId": "0x00000000000000000000004a220e6096b25eadb88358cb44068a324825467501"

help, i need somebody, help. not just anybody


It would be easier to explain your issue on discord ( ) section aeb-support