Blockchain (Avalanche) faucet implementation in the local test network


I am trying to implement a faucet for my local testnet which consists of 5 node. To do that I followed the avalances github documentation as in the link,

In short, basically, I run my 5 nodes and all nodes runs successfully using an Ubuntu Sandbox. Also, the bootstrap is finished. Then tried to run the below command in the Ubuntu,

Platform Versions: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS node-js v16.2.0 npm 7.15.0 Yarn 1.22.5
Everything is goes ok but when I run yarn serve then the below Error pop up. "Assertion `thread_id_key != 0x7777’ failed."

For more information, please check the below stackoverflow thread,

Thanks in advance.

Development hours on discord tomorrow you can ask the question of the developers who are responsible for the faucet.