Bac - Basic Avalanche CLI

This is not really research per se, but I couldn’t see any other section where this shell script would fit.

I got tired of repetitively copying and pasting and editing big fat JSON Curl queries from the API documentation, and I’m a Unix guy–I like concise commands. So I wrote a little utility which wraps the API into a single command, whose arguments are the name of the method and its parameters.

Who knows, some of you might find it useful.


@filtertron Thank you for sharing this, I will give it a try! hsk81 also worked on a CLI tool you can check it out here:

Yes, I know this tool. I wanted something simpler, just a single shell script without any dependency (output formatting is optional), so that a casual user could download it and use it with minimal hassle.

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Thanks for sharing. I really like the simplicity of it.

Dang! Nice work. I’ll definitely be using this

Super useful, thank you!

in my case i made an alias with the commands for update node and show node id xd

makes it all much easier