Avax web wallet safety

on Dec 14 avax tokens went missing from my avax web wallet. someone executed transactions in my wallet and moved avax out to another wallet. i did not do it. have not shared my password or mnemonic phrase. any suggestions on how to track this or get the tokens back into my wallet?

these 3 transactions:

response and guidance much appreciated.

i use other web wallets like phantom, coinbase, etc. but avax web wallet is the first one from which my tokens disappeared. have reached out to [email protected] with this issue and will post here if they respond. in the meanwhile, i will not be using this wallet going forward. be careful if you do.

Maybe this is what happened?

hi quasar… it could be. i created a wallet using wallet.avax.network. these are all the transactions that are listed in the wallet. then was able to stake 25 as i mentioned previously. the 0.000000001 AVAX ones i am not sure what those are?? also noticed 2 other transaction “messages” only but those are now missing from this list. then moved another 25 AVAX (see image) but did not get around to staking. these coins were moved out dec 14 before i could stake them. now i need to be prepared for 11/20/2022 (stake end date) and see if i can prevent those from being stolen too. your help is very much appreciated in securing the wallet and my AVAX. can we still stake using hardware wallets or are those for securing only?

You can use a hardware wallet for everything (staking, transactions, defi), but not to to recover from this as it would require a new seed.

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