Avax wallet 0.5.3 and Ledger X

I can only get my Ledger X to work on wallet-beta.avax.network. It does not work on wallet.avax.network nor when I run the wallet locally on my machine.

The problem is that when I select “Ledger” in the Avax wallet, then it just hangs on the “Open the Avalanche app on your Ledger Device”. I’ve tried three different browsers too.

Is it possible to run the Avax wallet locally and use the Ledger? I’m a bit paranoid, so I’d like to run it locally.

By locally he means downloading the source code and running it.

TBH I didn’t try this but Ledger + AVAX is kind of hit and miss so I guess just keep retrying.

BTW if you’re that paranoid, you should also run a avalanche node instead of connecting to public API with the wallet.

Yeah I know but does he have the right libraries installed?

Running locally means running both the wallet and node locally. I have the latest version of both, and using the passphrase works fine, but the ledger won’t connect.

It sounds like you are running the non beta version of the wallet, cannot confirm however.

So the ledger only works on the beta version for now? Which branch is that in the wallet git repo?

I will test it myself later although I believe it worked for me a month ago, main branch should be fine.

i have problem to log in too… after launch an app on ledger nano x and choose ledger on wallet.avax nothing happen. it tried to load but failed. There is option beta but i’m no t sure if i want to login in thru beta version. Any thoughts?

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I have 5.2 installed on LNS. When trying to access the website, access through ledger, it tells me i need a min of 5.3. However, in Ledger Live, there are no updates available.

What do I do?

Thanks in advance.

Verified that it works now on avax.wallet.network and locally (after pulling in the latest changes from git)

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Confirmed. All works !!

Hi new to this. have ledger x firmware 1.3 and 5.3 Avalance
cannot connect to avax wallet

failed to conect to ledger wallet -pink box

tried again many times

reconecting etc turning ledger on off etc
ledger live on and off

no luck

any advice appreciated…

tried again working now!!