AVAX Transfer from Binance but NOT credited in Wallet

I recently created an Avalanche Wallet and I sent 10 AVAX from my binance account to my wallet using the X-Chain address.

Binance confirmed the transaction and we can see the transaction on the avax explorer (https://explorer.avax.network/address/X-avax1ut03smkkwwnqdljk0ss27rhvvzvlzrt7gv390n).

But the thing is that I did not received anything on my wallet!

Since the transaction is completed, it means that technically it has to be credited to the receiver’s address. But each time I send a transaction to my wallet, the address change.

So, how can I see the history of all the addresses that my wallet had to prove that I should received the AVAX that I have sent?

Or technically , how can I get my AVAX back ? I really want to understand the process because I’ve spent all day to try to find a solution but I could not.

Thank you for your support.

Keep on the good work :slight_smile:


Go in section Manage Keys -> then click on the HD address button.

You will find all the addresses that you own ( You can use the same address several times even if you receive new ones ).

You should find the one you mentioned above ( in internal or external section ) with the amount of 10 Avax.

If you don’t find this address in the wallet you are connected, it means you aren’t in the right one => maybe you have several wallet.

Just hope you didn’t send it to another wallet person or one you don’t have access anymore :confused:


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Thank you for you answer. I looked at the internal and external section but I don’t see the transaction address that is mentioned in avalanche explorer (X-avax1ut03smkkwwnqdljk0ss27rhvvzvlzrt7gv390n). So this means this is not the good wallet ? I only created one wallet and the way I connected to this wallet using 24 words. The probability that the words that I wrote in the specific order or connecting me to another random wallet is really low (nearly 0 / impossible). Do you know if there is a way to see the current wallet that own those 10 AWAX? or my question would be, how can I get those coin back ? (I have proof that I sent it with my binance account).

Thank you for you help :slight_smile: Really I appreciate it

If this address isn’t in the list you own in your wallet, it means it is linked to another one.

Do you have ledger ( I already had someone that mixed up address with his ledger / wallet )?
Did you already connect wallet avax using metamask seeds?

Where did you copy this address?


I don’t have any ledger. I connect my metamask wallet to the C-chain before creating my Avalanche Wallet.

When I created my Avalanche Wallet, I copied the address that was on the top right hand corner of the page with the QR code for the specific X- Chain.

After that I connected to my binance account and followed the steps to send my AVAX to my Avalanche Wallet (really simple). In the end of the process, binance sent me a confirmation that it has been sent.

I came back to my wallet, reconnected into it (I had first an issue because I type the wrong 24 words but I found where was the wrong spelling on 1 word !) and when I reconnect, I did not received the AVAX. I tried again with 0.1 AVAX and it worked this time.

One possibility would be that it’s the wrong wallet I connected to. But it’s not really possible because I wrote down the 24 words in the good order but only one was miss spelling. And when I corrected this, I was able to connect to my account.

I tried to brute force all the possibilities that I mixed up the order of the words in a range of 2 - 3 places but without any success . (more than 100 possibilities) but it did not work. So I really think that the wallet I am using now is the wallet that I used for the address. Is there any external way to verify that the address used was linked to my current wallet ?

Can you contact me on telegram, we will try to review all possibilities?