Avax sent to wrong address

Hey Guys, I have sent Avax to the wrong address. When I click the transaction, it says transaction not found.

I sent to Zero exchange token address. I wonder why the transaction went through ? It should have been cancelled ?

Is there any way to recover the transaction ? It was very big amount for me. Nearly my 1 month salary. :frowning:

Zero exchange token address on bscscan


A transaction can’t be reverted but what did you exactly do?

You sent AVAX from Avalanche chain to the Zero token contract address on BSC ?

Is it an amount of around 38 AVAX?


Yes Ponay, That’s exactly what I did. Any suggestions for me ?

Will it help if I contact the zero devs about that ?

I am going to ask them if they can help with that :slight_smile:

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Wow, that would be so great. Looking forward to it.
Thanks @Ponay_Avangers

Hey Ponay, Is there any update that you got. Eagerly waiting. Thanks


They told me 2 weeks ago that they would checked to that.

It wasn’t solved ?


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Hi, Thanks for the follow up. I didn’t get my Avax so it is not solved yet. Is there any else we can do ?