AVAX sent to old X-chain address

I transferred AVAX from Binance to the Avalanche wallet but mistakenly used my old X-chain address (this is rather easy to do in Binance since I used whitelisted addresses, which need to be pre-approved). I see there seems to be ways to access this, but I can’t find it in the wallet. Can anyone help?

Everytime you receive something on an X-Chain address a new one is generated to improve your privacy. Previous X-Chain addresses should still work as long as you used the same private key in your wallet.

Do you see the transaction in the explorer?

If so and you didn’t generate a new wallet the funds should be in there. You can also press the show UTXOs button in the top of the wallet which should show you the balances of specific addresses.


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Thanks for responding. I can see the transaction here: https://explorer.avax.network/address/X-avax1fm2encez8tw4sen7t0th907uv7jyw0hlwzmc3q. I think I had set up another wallet at some stage - I was able to import it which has caused the funds to appear.

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