AVAX Sent from METAMASK on BEP20

Hi! So,

I bought some AVAX on Binance ,
After that i sended them on METAMASK, but first error, i sended them on the BSC and they arrived on BEP20 token on my Metamask wallet.

And sended the AVAX to AVALANCHE Wallet,
And at the moment i cant see the AVAX on the wallet exept on BSSCAN they appear in the « BEP20 token » category.

Thanks you


You can’t directly send AVAX from Binance to Metamask neither from Metamask ( configured on BSC ) to Avalanche wallet.
They are different blockchains / smart contracts and thus not compatible.

By doing, this operation, you will send your AVAX on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) as BEP20 token.

To solve this, you have to first use another browser on your computer then install metamask.

Choose the option, I already have an account and import your Avalanche wallet 24 words ( seeds ) in it.

You can now add BSC RPC in Metamask => Add custom RPC and mention the following :

Network Name : BSC
RPC URL : https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org
ChainID: 0x38, 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com

Then on BSC RPC add token, custom token and mention the following token contract ( AVAX on BSC )


You should now see your AVAX.

To get them back on Binance, you will have to send some BNB on your metamask address ( to pay the fees )

Then on Binance, click deposit -> AVAX -> BEP20 ( BSC ) => it will mention you a 0x like address

!!! Don’t send them back to binance using AVAX network !!! as your tokens are currently on BSC

Finally, to get your AVAX on Avalanche => Withdraw -> Avax -> Avax network ( this time ) and send them to the X-AVAX1 address of your Avalanche wallet ( https://wallet.avax.network )

In the wallet, cross chain X -> C then you can send your AVAX on metamask.

If you are not sure and blocked at any step, to avoid doing something incorrect => contact me on telegram ( https://t.me/Ponay_Avangers ) :slight_smile:

ALWAYS DO YOUR FIRST TRANSACTION with a small amount of tokens in case of mistakes, it will avoid you lot of troubles


hello its koksal,
5 days ago i did a transaction by mistake. i coverted zeroexchange to avax on matemask. then i tried to sent some avax binance from matemask :\ that’s the fault.
i had have some avax on matemask avax mainnet. i tried to sent BEP20 but i could not see anything also i was searching bcscan i could not find it. could you help me please ?