AVAX not showing in Avalanche wallet after transfer from metamask (BNB Smart chain)

Hi - hoping for some help please!

I’ve sent some Avax from Metamask (BNB smart Chain) to my Avalanche wallet. When I put in the X address or P address it said “Network does not support ENS”, so i used the C address as was the only one that worked! The transaction was successful a couple of hours ago, but nothing is showing in my Avalanche wallet still?


AVAX tokens on Avalanche and BSC are using different blockchains.

You can’t display AVAX from BSC in Avalanche C chain wallet because there aren’t compatible.

=> You have to send them back to Binance then send them through Avalanche network ( X chain )

How to do that ?

First you need to load your Avalanche wallet in Metamask.

  • In your Avalanche wallet, click on " Manage Keys " tab then " View C Chain Private Key "

  • Copy the key and import it in Metamask ( => Import account )

You will now have the same 0x address in both Wallet and Metamask.

According to your post you normally already added BSC network and token contract.

=> Switch to BSC network for your newly imported account.

AVAX tokens should now be displayed

You can now send them back to Binance.

  • Send some BNB to your newly imported account
  • On Binance platform click deposit -> Avax and choose BEP20 network

Send them back to mentioned 0x address

From this point you can now send your AVAX on Avalanche X chain.

  • On Binance platform click withdraw -> Avax and choose AVAX network
  • Mention the X chain address of your Avalanche wallet

In you want to send them on Metamask => cross chain X -> C

Don’t forget that you have to add Avlaanche network RPC on Metamask to interact with C chain DAPPS

  • Always do a first transaction a small amount of tokens in case of problems
  • Never send AVAX token from Avalanche C chain directly to binance using BEP20 network => they will be stuck !
  • In case you aren’t sure about what to do you can contact me on Telegram => https://t.me/Ponay_Avangers