AVAX not received in wallet after transferring from Coinspot

Hi there. I Purchased AVAX for the second time on Coinspot. The first time, I sent the AVAX to my AVAX wallet, it went through to my AVAX wallet with no issues. The second transaction made the following day is yet to arrive in the AVAX wallet. It has been over 2 hours now. My wallet address to which I sent AVAX the first time was saved in my account, its the same address the second transaction was sent to. Could this be a problem? I noticed in my AVAX wallet the address has changed. Is this normal? What can I do?

I think you misunderstood my post for a complaint when it is in fact a request for assistance. If I knew how to resolve the issue through the Avalanche platform I wouldn’t be wasting time posting.


I can see my balance now but I had to import and activate my original key that I sent the AVAX to from the exchange

Thank you @Sonia34 . Will try if I have any more issues. I didnt know I could complete a form from the platform

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@shiiv how did you import and activate your original key im not sure how to do it, also where do i locate the form on the platform? im having the same issue

thanks, the form asks for my 24 word mnemonic password though? this feels dodgy

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Fellow Avaxians,
Please restrain from giving away your mnemonics on any form or anything online, its a big phishing network of culprits that are waiting to take away your amount.
I see this so fishy, that only Sonia and Shiv talking everything, I think both are same people.
beware of scammers.

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Hey man. I had to go to ‘Manage Keys’ then activate the key to which I had sent my AVAX. Whatever you do not click on that scammy link and never give your keywords away! I almost made the same mistake when I first started searching through these forums.
@shreedharcva I dont even know what to say to you, I have nothing to do with whatever @Sonia34 is trying to do. Noone should EVER give their mnemonic!!

I’m having the same issue and I’ve been trying to fix it for over a week now I only have my 24 word phrase not my keys