AVAX lost when sending from Binance

Hi Everyone,

I sent AVAX last night to my wallet, and the transaction shows as complete but my funds are not in my wallet. I fear that I may have given the address to the C chain vs the X chain. Is this recoverable?

TxID: 2Z2wHkgct3duqEmQxmHCZGU48AiKz1ebcgtGyY41CQcsPKYW6N


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It looks like you send it to an x address.

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Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to retrieve the tokens or are they lost?

I am not sure not part of the team but if you have access to the send x-address then it should be there, try reimporting if it doesn’t show up on the balance.

sorry im a noob here…how do I re-import? Thank you!

You shouldn’t need to re-import in this case but should you ever need to, you’ll find it in the advanced section.

If you’re not sure if you have received it or not, you can check in the activity section and click into June. You can also check if that address is one you control through the Manage Keys > HD Addresses button

Hi Guys sorry to be following up but I’ve been unable to reclaim my AVAX lost in transfer. Please can someone help me in noob fashion? Im really struggling here :frowning:

The transaction you posted shows a binance transfer with 3 outputs. If the address you did the withdrawal to is X-avax1mxhfdweu00c3h7jz8gzhtu3drg9zex9rcspf24 then the funds are still sat there and accessible.

If you can’t see that in the wallet then I would confirm that address is one you control. how sure are you that you’re using the right wallet?

Hi Josh thanks for the reply. So it seems that I put in the x-address, which disappears and gets renewed every time I refresh the browser. So this address doesn’t currently show when I go to check my X-address

Update: Fixed and found. Thank you all for your patience and guidance!

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Great to hear you resolved it. For reference, you get shown a new address each time more for privacy reasons than anything. You retain control of all the previously used addresses and they are re-usable forever.

I did the same thing. I sent AVAX from Binance to Avalanche C-Chain not knowing there is no more bridge between them. How can I recover my AVAX?

Если вы отправили свой Авакс с Бинанс в метамаск и он был отправлен по сети BSC вам нужно в метамаск установить сеть BSC, далее вам нужно добавить Авакс с помощью адреса контракта 0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041, после добавления вы увидите ваши Аваксы, затем просто отправте его обратно в Бинанс, будьте внимательны всем удачи.

To send Avax from Binance to Coinbase what network should I use? Could you provide me woth that information?

See the network that coinbase supports, it must match the network that binance supports. Вinance supports three networks avalanche С-chain, X-chain and BSС

Look in the binance explorer to which network it was sent, most likely it is the BSС network, register the finance network in metamask and add the awacs token using the contract address

And you will see your awaх

Describe your actions, maybe I can help.

Thanks so much. I bought AVAX in binance but want them to be in my coinbase wallet, so binance asks me through which network want/could I send them.

Simply that, I havent made a move yet.

You have a standard situation, you sent them over the Binance network, you need to understand that the wallet address does not change, and the networks may be different, register the binance network and add the AVAX token using this contract address 0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041
and you will see your coins .