AVAX lost when sending from Binance

Hi Everyone,

I sent AVAX last night to my wallet, and the transaction shows as complete but my funds are not in my wallet. I fear that I may have given the address to the C chain vs the X chain. Is this recoverable?

TxID: 2Z2wHkgct3duqEmQxmHCZGU48AiKz1ebcgtGyY41CQcsPKYW6N


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It looks like you send it to an x address.

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Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to retrieve the tokens or are they lost?

I am not sure not part of the team but if you have access to the send x-address then it should be there, try reimporting if it doesn’t show up on the balance.

sorry im a noob here…how do I re-import? Thank you!

You shouldn’t need to re-import in this case but should you ever need to, you’ll find it in the advanced section.

If you’re not sure if you have received it or not, you can check in the activity section and click into June. You can also check if that address is one you control through the Manage Keys > HD Addresses button