Avax is lost when transfered from metamask to avax wallet

Hello everyone,
I transferred my Avax form Metamax(Binance network) to Avalance Wallet .
I do not see any Avax in my wallet.
Transaction is successful.
Transaction Hash = 0xad5abb192c19ee52a559e7f7c431b77627d1770ccf09b9d380c0711bf826c3bc

That hash doesn’t exist on the avax network. But is does on the BSC network:

It looks to me you sent an avax pegged token on the BSC network to a different address on the BSC network. Nothing happend on the avalanche network as far as I can see.

Maybe you sent it to the same address as your avax address on BSC thinking it would jump over?

You might want to bridge it instead or maybe simpler, sent it to binance and then to the correct network.

Hi @quasar , thank you for reply.

I am new to Crypto network.

I will once again tell you my process.
As I mentioned earlier I transferred My avax form Metamax binance network to my Avalanche Wallet ( sent address). That is why It is on Binace network.

My concern is I do not see My AVAX coin in my Avalance Wallet.

As per your suggestion I do not know how to send my Avax coin to binance because I do not see coin in my wallet.

Please help me !!

Give step by step process.

I can’t give a step by step response as I don’t use BSC. But have a look at this post:

I think your situation sounds similar.

I think what changed since that post is that binance does support C-Chain on avax now, but since you ended up on BSC instead of avalanche it sounds similar to me.

Use small amounts to test if things work as you expect them before sending everything.

Thank you. I already see this post and resolve the issue.