Avax communication strategy

Hello, first of all i’m an Avax believer. Just one aspect worries me a bit, will avalabs try to get more in touch with people on the internet, like on social networks or anywhere ?

Because i feel like it’s one of the best cryptos out there but it seems like it is a bit behind in this field compared to others cryptos that maybe are not as good but have like 5 times the “fanbase”( followers on twitter for example, polkadot 75k, cardano 155k ) that avax has. ( polkadot, ada… ) which means that people will be most likely to invest in it in general. I understand that if a big company for example invest in avax it might not matter as much but still ?

What do you think about it ? Thanks !

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Hi, one of the many members of the marketing team reporting in. Would love to hear what other social channels you think we should be active in.

Here are all of the channels we are currently actively posting in (Avalanche channels):

International Avalanche Channels:


Those other networks have also been around significantly longer… I think the team is doing great work on this front. Keep it up!


I believe what OP is referring to is the development/recruitment strategy. I had the same observation that may be the pace of recruiting new interested members in the community slowed a bit since mainnet launch (Telegram channels are still very active but growth figures are not comparable with those before sept., Reddit channel is not that active, etc…)

Two factors in my opinion :
1- The moderation from the team to prevent bots / trolls.
2- The team needs help as handling everything can be challenging. But sourcing good team members takes time, and in the crypto space one needs to be careful as the level of people involved is volatile (and many think that they are more competent than the reality).

However it will become urgent to accelerate not to give the impression that we are in a Closed circle / only our bubble.

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It would be great to see Avalanche more active on reddit. In general crypto related subreddits, you barely see someone outlining advantages of Avalanche in discussions and if someone posts a new topic about Avalanche itself, it gets downvoted right away.

That’s on us, the community members, to post and discuss on social media. I’m happy to engage in these threads. Which are the main subreddits to look at?

The team is rightly focused on onboarding devs and enterprises onto the platform.

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Official Avalanche subreddits are:


General crypto subreddits where Avalanche posts are ideal:


I’ve created some discussions recently: