AVAX Coin Transfer Error

Hello all,

I have a question about a withdrawal from yesterday. I moved some avax tokens from an exchange to my avax wallet and the exchange successfully submit the transfer but there was an error on the avax wallet end. My coins are not showing up in my wallet. I would love to stake some coins but I need some help getting my coins out of limbo! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me recover my lost booty!


^^ is the transaction ID. Thank you.


The transaction doesn’t exist in Avalanche blockchain => Exchange didn’t send it to us for the moment.

Withdrawal operation should still be closed on this exchange.

Which one is it ?

Since Avalanche upgrade on 11/01, exchanges are normally informed that they have to update their nodes to be able to process deposit and withdrawal operation again.

PS : In all the case, your funds are safe ( they can’t be lost ) and currently stored in exchange wallet.


Thank you, the exchange is Hotbit and it says the withdrawal is completed on their end.

I have transferred C-Chain Avax from Metamask to BEP20(BSC). When I search the txn on chain explorer, it says that the txn succeeded. No avax is deposited into my Binance account. I have tried several times to get help by opening tickets but no result so far. They even told me that they could recover manually but I had to pay some BTC and I am still keeping enough BTC for them to deduce the cost for the manual recovery. The thing is that it’s been more than 3 weeks and nothing happened. Should I still hope that I could get them into my account? Is there anyone who did the same mistake?. What was the result?. The amount is big for me and I would appreciate it if you could give some information.


Did you already contact them back to know what is your support case status ?

From what I already heard it is quite long …


Yes. Even now I have an unanswered question. The final thing they did was prioritizing my ticket and assign it to a senior agent. They had told me to wait 3-7 days and today is tne 9th one. bscscan does not show any balance. But Avax network has a success on it. https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/tx/0x0e4395891693f26ab204598df0a9a071082623d524d585618a65c89e56d1d860/internal-transactions

AVAX aren’t on BSC chain. They are still on Avalanche C Chain.

Actually, to make it simple C chain / BSC / Ethereum are using the same address format => all can be linked to Metamask but with different RPC.

A same address can thus be used for the 3 blockchains. Just need different custom RPC.

In this case you sent your funds to a ETH like format address from C chain to C chain but only used by his creator ( Binance ) for BSC.

Tokens doesn’t appear because on each chain AVAX tokens contract are different and not readable by the other blockchain.

=> They only have to use the private key / seeds of this address and connect to Avalanche C chain RPC or Avalanche wallet and the funds will be there. Then, simply execute a trx to your Metamask address and it is solved …

=> https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/address/0xD799F38E443d13bdcE39bd62eaDBca32D6C8eE16/tokens
We can clearly and easily see your AVAX and WBTC on C chain

Great thanks @Ponay_Avangers. I will tell them what to do :). They should pay to you for this.

From what I know they already did it for several user.

They should know what to do :slight_smile:

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