AVAX Coin Transfer Error

Hello all,

I have a question about a withdrawal from yesterday. I moved some avax tokens from an exchange to my avax wallet and the exchange successfully submit the transfer but there was an error on the avax wallet end. My coins are not showing up in my wallet. I would love to stake some coins but I need some help getting my coins out of limbo! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me recover my lost booty!


^^ is the transaction ID. Thank you.


The transaction doesn’t exist in Avalanche blockchain => Exchange didn’t send it to us for the moment.

Withdrawal operation should still be closed on this exchange.

Which one is it ?

Since Avalanche upgrade on 11/01, exchanges are normally informed that they have to update their nodes to be able to process deposit and withdrawal operation again.

PS : In all the case, your funds are safe ( they can’t be lost ) and currently stored in exchange wallet.


Thank you, the exchange is Hotbit and it says the withdrawal is completed on their end.