Avax Avalanche C to Binance Bep20 BSC dont reseve

I did a transaction from Avalanche Wallet through the C chain to Binance to the AVAX address in BEP20, its hours ago and I still didn’t receive anything on binance, and it doesn’t show the transaction.

Please help :confused:

If it helps it was that adress 0x84F36e30042e3b7C9CbD48a914c1703F2d2F1Bb9 0x886f9Af34EcC406c5785e80316f15Ae24FB4b735

Only binance can help you. Seems like you send via wrong chain. - saw the same thing happen to someone on the discord.


Avalanche C chain and BSC use the same format of ETH address but aren’t compatible to send tokens from one blockchain to another.
Tokens contracts are different.

At the moment, the funds are on the destination address but on C chain not on BSC, it is why they aren’t displayed on Binance as they don’t support C chain. ( you can see it when checking the destination address on " https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/address/0x886f9Af34EcC406c5785e80316f15Ae24FB4b735/transactions ".

You will have to contact Binance but based on previous feedbacks I got from other users, it looks like Binance isn’t doing any support for tokens blocked on C chains at the moment.

I have to see if there is possibility to raise a global case about Avalanche users getting funds stuck on Binance ( C chain - BSC ).



Yes 100 % !!! Please do that. Binance are thugs. I had mistakenly sent a big amount (ARC20 to ERC20 binance address. They bluntly just refused to help me. Reason, “OH BECAUSE WE JUST DON’T SUPPORT THAT NETWORK”

They want to hold on to the market share all by themselves and are willing to go to any low.

Is it even possible to create a global case about this problem? Someone needs to keep Binance in check !!!

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me too, bro Y_Y they just say no support C-chain

I HATE BINANCE!!! Will I ever get my tokens back?!

Hey there, I was hoping if there were any advancements in this regards? Please let us know how can we, the community, can help as well…

I really am interested in finding out how can one raise a global case?

I have 320 avax stuck, no worried

Why are you not worried, lol ?

You must be rich

I was meant to be sarcastic…
Of coz i am worried, otherwise i wont make a post here

I would try spamming binance, I am looking if they have any forums to post issues on binance. Their team also might be busy with the investigations from the US occurring.

They wont give a shit…seriously…

Keep contacting Binance that will work. They are good people.

I selected everything correctly in the AVAX wallet and there were no problems with Binance App. When is the next activation of the last AVAX?

Please do this or any update o spoke with binance and they said may be in future when they enable avax c chain i could claim my funds and is there any update on this? ABAX C AND BINANCE ENABLING

Looks like you should be able to get your tokens now as Binance now support the C-Chain :-

Hope this helps.

Why I dont see my Avax there in the C chain. Its 0.00

And on my address that is posted are 8,9 avax


Its the same address on binance

Sent my avax from metamask c to bsc wallet. What do I do? Binance said they can’t reverse the transaction.