Avax are blocked


There is a maintenance ongoing to solve an API issue.

You will have to wait a bit more. I will come back to you when things are clear.


Oh damn, ok … i’m so disappointed i hope my avax won’t be lost

Funds are safe, it is the most important

Same issue here. 3 hours haven’t received my Avax. Time is money, leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. 500k in volume and this is the first time it happens

Yeah and avax go to the moon and we can’t take profit :frowning:

I think it’s going to dump as soon as we all get our coins. Short supply right now, till we all get our coins

I also cannot withdraw my coins from metamask to my AVAX wallet. Need to get them out ASAP.

Yes and obviously avax network is down and the token is starting to dump …

@Ponay_Avangers Do we have an ETA yet? Are we talking hours? Days? Weeks?

Nah they’ll delete our messages but won’t give us answers. 60k down, tokens stuck for 24hours now @jazettle

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Ponay_Avangers is replying…

We can’t give you the exact ETA at the moment, but according to latest status, we aren’t speaking about days or weeks. Estimation is about hours " AFAIK "

Please follow these posts, they will be updated based on latest informations.

Sorry i had another call while writing the answer

Im not sure if this falls into the same category but Ive been trying to claim the Pangolin airdrop and the transaction is left pending, perpetually. https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/tx/0x923c6cd60edc70cc77fd9d58db906ba14361635b19796cc489aef7394b5d5562
Links me to a non existing transaction hash. Is this a problem with Pangolin or the network itself?


One week ago, there was an issue, but everything was fixed several days ago.

In your case, here is what you can do :

  1. Be sure you have enough Avax to pay the fees.
  2. Reset Metamask account => Metamask -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Reset Account ( It only cleans the history )
  3. Clean your browser cache
  4. Try again ( Don’t change the default fees mentioned by Pangolin )


Thanks for the reply.
I’ve just tried it from a diferent machine aswell with clear history, without messing with the metamask fees. I’m assuming 20 AVAX is enough for tx fees.
Generated a new non existing hash.
Maybe it’s something really obvious I’m not seeing? Do I need ETH in the cchain wallet? I would assume not.

But with the same metamask account ?

If you don’t reset it properly, the previous pending will stay in trouble.

Same account yeah. Same seed, rather.

You need to reset it properly, and then either, it will be directly ok without cleaning browser cache, either if you don’t want to clean it now, you can use another browser, machine.

Alright, seems like it went through. Thanks a lot!

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