Avalanche to Unveil Novel Blockchain Features with Apricot, its First Major Upgrade

Less than two months after mainnet launch, Avalanche is preparing to unveil new functionalities not found on other blockchains.

Building upon our history of innovation, we will be rolling out Apricot, a major upgrade to the Avalanche platform that introduces new features not found in any other chain. Expected to be released in December 2020, this new upgrade is poised to advance the field and disprove some commonly held beliefs about blockchains… [Read More]


Very excited to see this! Keep up the great work.

Good news! Until now we do mot have so many things to do on Avalanche network. The main focus of Avalanche should be bringing Wall street to blockchain. Then Avalanche will be the ultimate network of choice.

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This upgrade could be used Avalanche Blockchain by financial enterprises like banks, stock markets etc… On the other hand, It could be used as SandBox media by some governments.