Avalanche Staking Services

This is the only topic where promoting Avalanche staking/delegation services is allowed.

See the Avalanche community guidelines for more info.

I would like to welcome delegation to the node I am operating:

NodeID-DhNYzUwYHPF24Wfz9MmmVyqLBUF6tkEpb (nicknamed RockSolid)

Up to date version of this information on this site: https://quasarati.github.io/

I strive for a high uptime, but will apply updates on the OS and validator software even at the cost of some uptime, but so far this has been possible without dropping below 100% on avascan.

I chose to validate for a year which says something about my commitment to keep it running. Of course delegators may select their own validation period from 2 weeks to the maximum of the time left until the main validation ends. Feel free to try it out with a short period to test the waters.

The protocol wil handle payout and the delegation fee so there is no need to trust the node for that. The only requirement to earn the reward is that the node has a higher percentage than 60% as perceived by other nodes on the network. It’s all or nothing, so if the perceived uptime is well above 60% full rewards will be given.

The delegation fee is currently 2%.

Grafana node monitoring software is installed.
There is also active monitoring which will alert me instantly in case of problems.

Currently running in the Azure Cloud. I also have infrastructure ready to go on the Hetzner platform and the ability to quickly switch over which is part of the disaster recovery strategy.

The node is secured with a firewall. Only ssh and the staking port are exposed to the internet. OS Security updates are applied regularly. The validator software is always updated to the latest version unless there is a problem with that version.

Links to inspect the node:

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My node is available for delegation:


I currently run it a month at a time, renewing as soon as the period ends. OS & AvalancheGo updates get applied as they are released. Node is monitored.