Avalanche Rust Client

Is there a Rust implementation of the Avalanche Client in the works?

  • Potential release date?
  • Is the code open source?
  • Are you looking for community contributors?

I don’t think there is but I’d be willing to help if any such community project started.

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Same here ! Am new to Rust but would be happy to contribute to this :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see someone start building it.

We have a Python implementation that’s less advanced than Avalanche-Go, and we’re looking to make public at some point soon, but we don’t have anything on Rust. I’d be interested in contributing to it myself honestly.

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I think it’s a great idea and i would love to participate to it too :slight_smile:

What should we do to get things moving ? :slight_smile:

Just made a public github repo that we can start contributing to https://github.com/wyas/avalanche.rs


Am working on a transaction parser / indexer in Rust because … why not ! Dunno yet what I’ll do with that, for now it’s just on a private repo cause it’s … a bit messy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (My first rust project, I’ve rewritten that thing 3 times already).

Once am happy with the code I’ll maybe make that public :slight_smile:

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good news :heart:
Avalanche will have many options for programmers to develop it