Avalanche, ledger and metamask

Here;s what happened:

  • i unlocked my ledger ehtereum wallet via metamask
  • i added the avalanche network to metamask while i had my ledger wallet open in ethereum and then switched the network to avalanche. At this point my wallet address was still the same as when in the ethereum network
  • i connected to my avalanche wallet by unlocking my ledger from the avalanche web wallet, and this gave me a different address from the ethereum one

so it looks like ledger + metamask allow the usage of the same address (ethereum) for both the ethereum and the avalanche network, while i don’t seem to be able to access the same avalanche wallet (the one with the ethereum address) from the metamask web wallet. Is this correct? Or am i missing some steps?

Ok, found out something else: it looks like the avalanche web wallet is accessible via the “ledger live” HD path in metamask, while my ehtereum wallet is accessible via the “legacy mew/mycrypto” HD path, thus rendering the 2 addresses not compatible through the same unlock (need to switch from the one to the other, hence rendering impossible for me to use dexes to transfer between different chains.

Is there any chance that in the future the avalanche wallet on ledger can be accessible through the “legacy mew/mycrypto” HD path?

Can anyone suggest a workaraound that would not consist in me having to move all my assets under new “ledger live” addresses?

Thank you in advance!