Avalanche Fee Configuration

Hi, I’m trying to fully understand what happen if you setup extreme values to these configurations : Customize Your EVM-Powered Subnet | Avalanche Dev Docs

Parameter What impact does this have on subnet gas fees? Can you give an example of what would happen at the extreme range?

Generally, if you want to tweak gas cost on the subnet, you should do that by adjusting the targetGas and minBaseFee. Subnet-evm monitors the rolling sum of gas spent in the last 10s. If it is below targetGas then the gas price goes down, stopping at the minBaseFee. If it is above targetGas, gas price starts to gradually increase.

So, minBaseFee - the lowest gas price on the subnet. targetGas - the point at which the congestion control mechanism (gas price increade/decrease) kicks in.

Messing with other parameters is more likely to induce gas price and general subnet instability than produce any desirable effects. So going to extremes you can expect spam transactions (gas price too low), nodes falling out of sync (block production rate too fast, blocks too big), wild gas fluctuations (cost step or change denominator out of whack)…

Brief description on the meaning of these parameters can be found here.