Avalanche Ethereum Bridge Comprehension


I have some questions regarding the Avalanche Ethereum Bridge (aeb), there is a reference to aeb.xyz in some posts but it is not clear whether this is an official bridge or a bridge build by the community. I also found it difficult to get info on the current state of bridge and the code. From what I read the bridge is a two side contracts one on ethereum side where coins are locked and one on avalanche where coins are minted. But I have some questions, maybe some people have more info or can point me to the right place to get to know more this piece of technology

  • what is the contract to which the coin will be minted on the avalanche side ? Does he have the same 0x address ? If not is there a way to predict what will be the 0x address of the new contract ?
  • Is the contract of the minted coin a special type of ERC token which gets created by the minting contract if its the first time this coin is tranfered to avalanche c-chain ?
  • more generally Is there a comprehensive description of the bridge where settlement contract on ethereum and minting contract on C-chain can be better understood ?

Thanks in advance.

PS: It is really great to see the network up again :sunglasses: being able to transfer AVAX on C chain and have some fun on pangolin.exchange is exciting. My experience is smooth and transfers between X and C chain and swaping is super fast ! :pray:


This is an official bridge built by Chainsafe.

You can find all information in following link :slight_smile:

You can see the code on GitHub :

About contracts, every tokens minted on Avalanche has a different contract address.

Here is the list of all ERC20 tokens usable on Avalanche with their addresses :