Avalanch Token Supply question

I saw in this document:

It says that Avalanch will have 360 million coins circulating at the time the genesis block is launched. There are inflation rate curves in that document as well that start at this point. I see on coinmarketcap there are 76 million AVAX. Does this mean the genesis block has not launched? How can this be the case when the block explorer shows an active blockchain?

Also if the genesis block has not launched (I can’t understand how it has not yet), where is the chart showing the inflation rate from 78 million up to 360?

Also, with this extra high inflation rate (which doesn’t appear to become very reasonable until the 360 million are released), who are the inflationary funds going to? Is it all going to Stakers?

Thank you

Edit: I have just found from an article about Avalanch that these 360 tokens were minted at launch but are released on a vesting schedule, where can I see what this vesting schedule is on a graph to understand the true inflation rate? Why is this not more clearly stated?


I think you can find your answers on this site :slight_smile:

=> Chart #1. Token Distribution of Total Supply
=> Chart #2. Schedule of Tokens Unlocking on Mainnet Launch Date

And for more information about the tokens unlocking linked to public sale

Hi, you can find a forecast of supply everytime by going to the AVAX Genesis page on Avascan: AVAX Genesis data \ Avascan