Auto calculated gas limit too low when sending erc20 from AVAX wallet

Please help. I am attempting to move erc20 SHERPA from my AVAX wallet C-chain to Metamask, but it is failing (I already RPC custom enabled it for AVAX). The SHERPA was originally sent from that Metamask wallet in the first place, so I know this is not the issue. When I attempt to send the SHERPA, the gas limit can only be automatically calculated at 21000, but it needs to be 21656. I noticed that when I send AVAX in the same manner, I have the ability to manually adjust the gas limit however. Why does it not automatically adjust the gas limit higher? Is there a way to manually change the gas limit when sending SHERPA? Please help. Does this have anything to do with the apricot phase 3 update?

From Reddit:
AVAX Wallet to Metamask >>> ““Gas Limit will be automatically calculated after you click Confirm.”” …intrinsic gas too low…HELP!

I’m attempting to move assets from my AVAX wallet to my Metamask wallet. The transaction is failing because the intrinsic gas is too low. I can increase the gas price, but the “gas limit” is automatically calculated and I cannot figure out how to manually adjust it. Please help.

gas (21000) < intrinsic gas (21656)

Did you figure this out? I have some BENQI in my Avalanche Wallet that I can’t move for the same reason above.

import the AVAX wallet into Metamask, then just interact with your DEXs etc from MM