Accidental transfer from AVAX (C Chain) to Binance BEP20 (BSC) address

I have made a stupid mistake in transferring from Metamask (Avalanche network) to my Binance platform BEP20 (BSC) address back in March.

I have contacted Binance for a few times but they claimed they can’t retrieve it (which they initially said they can do so).

Anyone have similar experience? It seems that I need to wait for Binance to support C Chain deposit before my AVAX can appear again…


I just had the similar issue. It’s such a shame that this is even possible. The transaction should have been cancelled by itself. Not sure what to do now. I lost a big amount.

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I know the feeling bro.
I lost 320 AVAX…
Hope one day when C-chain deposit is a/v, AVAX price has mooned by then

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oh that’s sad. Any possibility that the funds will ever be recovered ? I have lost alot too.

if one day binance support c chain deposit…

This is not really possible to prevent because when you’re pasting in destination address, the address doesn’t say which blockchain it belongs to so the wallet cannot check.

This could be prevented if the c-chain was using a different address format. But that might come at the cost of compatibility with Ethereum if existing code checks for the Ethereum format.

Please not. I would love to hv my lost avax back one day. It will not be possible if the address is changed.

My idea was more about how to improve avalanche so this wouldn’t be possible. If that would be done, it has to be backwards compatible, so it wouldn’t affect your situation. Old addresses should also work. Your avax adress would then looke like C-avax1jsfdsjkfdjk… If you would copy paste that to binance, binance would say it is not a valid address (for ethereum, or BSC, or whatever chain) and the problem is prevented.

I see I didn’t really help you with that comment. I am sorry. Let’s try to do it better.

Your problem can only be solved by the party owning the private key. This is binance as you sent it to them.

They currently only support transaction to the X-Chain. If they would also support the C-Chain and do that retroactive for past transactions your funds would show up. (Regardless of any address format changes)

If I were you I would not just wait for them to support the C-Chain but open a support ticket to retrieve your funds. Maybe they will. It might also bump up the priority of supporting C-Chain if people who experience this issue report it at binance. If you look around in the forum there are many similar cases.

I have contacted them >10 times
Their CS is miserable.

At first they say it’s possible to retrieve and ask me to pay a small sum of BTC as handling fee. But then, they say it’s not possible to retrieve.

In between, i need to contact them everytime as they never update me the situation while waiting despite submitting a multiple retrieval requests.

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That really sucks…

Same problem over here. I am in the same league as @tleung1989
Binance customer service has not been able to retrieve it because the C chain network is not supported. They are also not willing to work with a private key and use the custom RPC for Avelanche, in order to get it back.

Just put in another support ticket at Binance. It would be great if everybody can do the same today.

Check the answer on this post. Let me know if it works.

i know how it works now.
I just wanna retrieve my tokens one day.

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Binance CS is shit…seriously…

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I can assist with writing a support ticket and we should make request on binance reddit or something to support C Chain transaction. But atleast for now there will now be any support from binance any time soon as avalanche is still a young project.

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That is an excellent idea! How could I help?

Gotta find out how to contact support and see if they have any forums. Could make a reddit post on binance or something?

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