A Little help for a enthusiastic

Hello everyone

October, 2021

I’ve been deep diving through all this magnificent transformation we are witnessing. Since the 70’s Cypherpunks, passing through Nakamoto until we comes to nowadays’ challenges (as scalability and community governance).

Speaking of the projects around (bricks of the state of art’s future ecosystem)… all it’s technology, it’s well designed architecture and the problems it solves; it’s been fascinating me in a way I could never imagine.

I went from zero knowlege to profund compreehension in like… a couple of weeks.

Really investing my time and energy on that.

The thing is… I’m considering ingressing for a second graduation which is related to and has the potential to sinergy with a DEFI related job market.

Is it even worth seeking a 4 - 5 years graduation or you should just dive deeper in the internet and become a player in the scenario ?

You can watch in amazment or play and learn the reality.
your choice